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Horizen's blockchain technology platform empowers users to transact and communicate securely through Sphere by Horizen, their flagship application. Horizen's native cryptocurrency, ZEN, uses advanced ("zero-knowledge") cryptography for optional privacy. Their sidechain implementation and Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the development of public or private secure and scalable blockchain applications utilizing Horizen's open source technology and public infrastructure.


Jul 7, 2019

Update from Horizen team hosted by:
Co-founder and Team Lead - Rob Viglione (@finpunk)
Project Manager - Luca Cermelli
Sr Software Developer - Allan Dumaine
Sr Marketing Manager - Lucy Wang
Country Manager - Angie Villarreal

Big Picture - Accomplishments - Development - Marketing - News - Updates

Content Menu:
Community Member Highlight 2:27
Business Development Update 4:19
Completed Projects 7:10
Active Projects 8:05
Sidechain Project (Alpha) 12:08
ZEN 2.0.18 Software Upgrade 21:16
Horizen Nodes Update 23:08
Marketing Update 24:56
Q2 Review 28:00
Monthly Livestream Trivia 32:37
Upcoming Events 34:23
LatAm Market 36:14
Central European & Kenya Market 38:46
Russian/Eastern European & CIS Market 40:12
Italian Market 41:06
Q&A 48:22

Horizen is an exciting cryptocurrency with a solid technological foundation, unique capabilities, an active and capable team, ongoing funding for improvements, and a large, positive, encouraging community.

ZEN is available and trading now on Bittrex, Binance, Changelly, and more, has wallets available that implement advanced private transaction and messaging capability, and has a strong roadmap.

The goal of Horizen is to create a usable private cryptocurrency operating on a resilient system for people and businesses worldwide, enabling the daily use of private transactions, messaging, and publishing everywhere, all the time.


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