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Horizen's blockchain technology platform empowers users to transact and communicate securely through Sphere by Horizen, their flagship application. Horizen's native cryptocurrency, ZEN, uses advanced ("zero-knowledge") cryptography for optional privacy. Their sidechain implementation and Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the development of public or private secure and scalable blockchain applications utilizing Horizen's open source technology and public infrastructure.


Nov 28, 2022

ZenCon0 is the first Horizen Ecosystem Summit to celebrate what we have achieved, share ideas for growth, and envision the future of the broader Horizen ecosystem. We welcomed partners, advisors, and community members on stage to discuss visions and expertise in the area. 

In this panel, moderated by Rosario Pabst, Head of Product at Horizen Labs, our panelists Maria Cione, Gerald Gallagher, and Kevin Baxpehler, discuss innovating enterprise through Web3. 

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